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Metreons BPO provides consistent BPO Bookkeeping Services by experienced professionals at affordable price. We have industry wide experience, hence our professionals shall be well-versed with the software that you use.

When you take our BPO Bookkeeping Services we will help you by providing access to fully-qualified Australian accountants who possess experience in solving the problem that you have. Our specialized bookkeeping team will delicately handle this one process to ensure accuracy, timely delivery and consistency in records.

We lay out periodical reports for the management to better understand the direction and progress of the outsourced work. The end of year account shall be made with diligence ensuring consistency in every annual report. We support every software that is used across industry to ensure continuity in the format of the reports.

Our BPO Bookkeeping Services are budget friendly and cost are streamlined on the basis of transaction, once the business grows, we can scale our services to better service as per your needs.

We possess a back-up plan (safety net) in case of any contingency, so you are not left high and dry. We have your information stored securely and confidentially in our self-managed Australian servers.


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