Engagement Models

Unit Based Pricing (UBP)

Under this method, we have categorized transaction on various factors including complexities also set a price for each of them. Transaction which are repetitive are priced lesser than complex transactions. A client will be liable to pay for the transactions that have been undertaken. This provides freedom to choose the number of transaction and manage budget accordingly. Volume of the business will determine the price.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

Fee charged under this model is based on the, expertise of the professional and the effort. The price will be based on the expertise of the personnel, complexity of tasks performed, degree of domain experience

Industry friendly approach which makes our unique service accessible by all business type.

Through process improvements the supplier can reduce the number of FTEs deployed for the client thereby giving a cost saving to the client

This provides flexibility to the client to decide the time required and which will economical. Best suited if advice is required to set up the processes and hence its compatible with every organization.

Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) 

Under this model, we empower the client. We nurture a team by selecting the best candidate and allowing them to grow into a full functional and capable of independently handling task. Finally, let the client take control of this team who. As the name suggest there 3 phases in this model: Build, Operate and Transfer

Fixed Price Project (FPP) 

When our clients have fixed and define set of tasks. We offer solution specific to the mentioned tasks. We manage the entire project and assure timely delivery at the committed cost.

Metreons BPO deploy specialist to understand your requirement and to offer you customized solutions. If required Metreons BPO shall also assist the clients by providing training, skill awareness to optimize their work.