Payroll BPO Services

Metreons BPO possess expertise in industries that have complex structure for calculation of salary/wages etc. We know your terms of employment such as hourly rate, allowances, perquisites, tax, and superannuation rates. We administer these payroll items through the use of software which eliminates manual calculations and potential mistakes.  All big businesses require payroll management, even medium and smaller businesses can churn out enough payroll and bookkeeping work annually for it to become too much burden over the employees to manage. In fact, small to medium-sized businesses draws maximum benefit the most payroll services

Metreons BPO uses the most reliable technology and software enabling accurate and intricate report generation. In a Payroll BPO service, elements of department costing, overtime, shift loadings and allowances can be tracked, collated, analysed and reported. Findings can be generated in PDF, Excel and Word where applicable, and General Ledger export files adaptable to various accounting software packages.

Accounts and payroll data are most sensitive aspects of a workplace, it contains the most revealing information about your business. Information like this needs to be secured.

It is impertinent to understand potential security risk, methods to fix them, and practices that needs to be employed in order to be most secure and prevent compromise in the future. These can include the software you use, the network and device passwords you use, the database(s) you use etc.

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