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The company offers effective friendly services provider that provide comprehensive solutions from the start of a financial transaction to its ultimate end by ensuring precision, simplification and maintenance of records for its future reference.

Outsourced Accountants and Bookkeeping Services Australia

We provide a wide variety outsourcing services.

Accounting Back Office BPO

A firms back office management can positively impact its profit margin. Data is generated on a daily basis from different transactions procedures such as order fulfillment, processing applications  and billings which are influenced and need back office clarification. We Metreons target to fuel your service delivery success at the same time ensuring compliance with quality and security standards. The expert  shall be able to advice on tax returns, compliance and audit advisory services due to automated computerization of everything.

Bookkeeping BPO

Bookkeeping can be a consternate and time consuming work .Most firms have a separate department for bookkeeping which is a repetitive task that could lead to exhaustion and fatigue and ultimate loss of productivity. Metreons BPO’s offer quality bookkeeping services with an adherence and professional approach. Our team of professionals takes this as a challenge and performs the same task with a great vehemence by giving concrete attention despite the droning state.

Payroll BPO

When you want to surpass the cliché mind set of   just delivering paychecks to your employees, Metreons BPO‘s payroll service will bring a better picture about new firm discovery and enable you to concentrate and maneuver the throughout the business successful. In order to take off the burden of salary payout, commission, computation of gratuity we step on the front line by putting a system where employees get their pay check timely and it is efficiently reported to the treasure. Metreons BPO can help tower your human resource management to a remarkable level.


In Metreons we go step ahead to fulfill that your clients and documentations are better cared for. We unsparingly abide to government policies on superannuation; we put up self-managed superannuation fund as decreed by the May budget 2016. We has cut cost cutting methods to put this to work. Our experienced staff is trained to see if the existing method needs bulldozing and needs to be rebuilt from ground up or if there are methods to fix it. We chose a method that is less time and cost consuming. It is free from ambiguity and easy to follow.


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