SMSF BPO Services

The Metreons BPO SMSF division holistically converse everything from setting up a new SMSF to closing down on an existing fund. Our dedicated team manages the entire process involved in running a self-managed superannuation fund. All this is provided to you at a budget friendly price. We have cost cutting methods to put this into work. Our experienced staff are trained to see if the existing method needs demolition and needs to be re-built from ground up or if there are methods to fix it. We choose a method which is time and cost-effective, is free from ambiguity and easy to follow.

SMSF Client Manager

Every process needs to be managed at different levels, same is the case with SMSF function. We assign executives to do the research work on the clients existing SMSF and then report to the lead who decides what the effective course of action is. Our team of SMSF managers have industry wide experience of over five years who shall be your advisor at all times.

Establishment of the Fund and Compliance 

Metreons BPO establish a superannuation fund to suit your requirements. Set up and administration services consists of minute processes like reporting software; daily processing, monthly and year-end; customised checklists, work instructions for processing data; preparation of SMSF annual returns; and customised electronic work papers. We have industry specific software to establish the fund for corporate, trust etc which renders paperless composition. We have finance professionals who regularly liaise with regulators and associations to ensure compliance. If there is any non-compliance that existed, we negotiate to compound and reverse the error to be prepared for the audit.

White Labeling Option 

You have the authority to rebrand the service in order to promote your business.

Metreons BPO SMSF Accounting Services India

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Metreons BPO SMSF Accounting Services India