Startup BPO

As the name suggests, we support start-ups by helping them understand the nuances of finance and accounts in order to stay afloat during ebbs and flows. We provide services which are also advisory in nature to make them financially literate and understand cash flow so that the business thrives.

Incorporation services – In order to start up a business as an entrepreneur, it is necessary to establish the form of the business as permissible by law. We help incorporate Private or Public companies, Partnership firms, Limited liability partnership etc which is most suited for the product or service the client offers.

Assistance in funding - It order to scale a product to mass level it is necessary to backed by investors. We help in equity or debt financing for the start-up who wish to take up our services. Depending on the documentation and resources available, funding may vary from businesses to businesses.

Treasury and accounting – If a start-up has to survive, it has to live like an individual who lives below their means in order to keep the cash flow positive. New businesses primarily focusses on Sales and business development who is essential however if there is mismanagement of funds, it can be fatal. This is where metreon shall step in and help manage cash flow-statement, book-keeping and accounting to keep the young businesses aware of its expenses.

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